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Our team here at Phoenix Contracting of SWFL, LLC is one of the leading providers of roof and gutter services in the Lee County area of Florida. Whether you need minor roof repair work done or require large-scale installations, you can rely on our company to get the job done right.
There are the obvious signs – like water spots on ceiling drywall or discolored soffit on your home’s exterior overhangs. Other not so obvious signs may be: curling or lifted shingles, granule wear or excessive amounts of granules in your gutters or where your downspouts dump out. I am hearing from many of my clients that their insurance companies are requiring them to replace their roofs after 15 years (regardless of condition), or they will decline coverage. Check with your insurance company.
Not necessarily. Repairing a damaged roof is an economical option if you are still budgeting for the cost of a full roof replacement. It really is a balancing act between your available finances and how much life expectancy is left in your roof.
Roofing is a trade that requires a state licensed contractor to perform the work within the scope of the states requirements and codes. Performing roof repair work yourself may void warranties or insurance policies.
Here in Southwest Florida, a typical “25-year shingle” (regardless of manufacturer) will last between 15 and 20 years depending on various exposure factors. The reason we all live here is because of that beautiful sunshine, but the strong ultraviolet (UV) exposure accelerates the aging process of roofing materials.

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